July 2009

BDEC featured in HuffPost

“Already national superstars in their native Sierra Leone, The Dry Eye Crew are one of the fastest rising acts on the international music scene today. They’ve released ten albums since 2000 in Sierra Leone, and their first full-length LP is due out in the fall with guest appearances from hip-hop luminaries Talib Kweli, Black Thought, […]

The New Yorker: Singing in Tongues

“A Cobb salad of hip-hop, dancehall, various African genres, and several languages.” Features an extended interview with manager and Sierra Leone veteran Vanessa Wruble. By Sasha Frere-Jones. FULL ARTICLE

Jimmy Fallon shouts out Bajah’s upcoming panel at Lincoln Center, hosted by WSJ

Last night on the show, Jimmy Fallon and ?uestlove  bantered about the August 4th Planet Hip-Hop panel on which Bajah will be featured, alongside Public Enemy’s Chuck D, entrepreneur Steve Stoute, and ?uestlove himself. The evening will be moderated by Wall Street Journal’s culture editor Christopher John Farley, as they discuss why hip-hop has gone […]

ABC News: Sierra Leone Invades Brooklyn

“The most captivating moment in this culturally rich afternoon was not a song at all, but rather Bajah’s spoken-word interlude about love and war. He depicted a scene of blood, bombs and bullets, dropping to the floor as the DJ played these sounds of war. This is not a group trying to win over an […]

The Naked Truth

When you’re a superstar, die-hard fans will do just about anything to prove their loyalty. And for Bajah + the Dry Eye Crew, the biggest musical act in Sierra Leone, that includes a lot of public nudity… which has become a bit of a problem for them. “One of the craziest things I’ve ever seen […]

Brooklyn Go Hard

What’s it like to move from a small African nation to a big American city like New York? While Bajah + the Dry Eye Crew are digging their new lives in the hip-hop mecca of Brooklyn, they have had to do some adjusting. “For me, the thing I think is strange is, back home when […]

The Dry Eye Y-eye

Fans all over the world do it. Dovy’s dad even does it back in Sierra Leone. Legendary rapper Q-Tip threw it at the Crew in New York after one of their first U.S. shows. It’s the Dry Eye hand sign: two fingers, making a V, held up horizontally beside the eye. But where did it […]

Who are the Crew?

They’re genuine superstars in their home country of Sierra Leone, packing the national stadium and inspiring legions of fans to do some crazy things to show their devotion. But in America, not everyone knows Bajah + the Dry Eye Crew… yet. Here, the Crew consists of Bajah, A-Klazz, and Dovy Dovy, three West African rappers/singers […]