The Dry Eye Y-eye

Fans all over the world do it. Dovy’s dad even does it back in Sierra Leone. Legendary rapper Q-Tip threw it at the Crew in New York after one of their first U.S. shows. It’s the Dry Eye hand sign: two fingers, making a V, held up horizontally beside the eye. But where did it come from? “It comes from the fans!” A-Klazz insists. “When the Crew came out, everywhere you go, people go like that—Dry Eye! So that became the symbol.” “Yeah, I don’t know how it spread throughout the nation,” adds Bajah. “Cause back in Freetown, they started doing the sign—Dry Eye all around. And when we go to the provinces, same thing. Kids come up in their school uniforms doing it. Even the old people! Everybody knows that sign.” Some even take it to the next level, by taping one eye shut or breaking one lens in their glasses. Now audiences at Dry Eye shows are taking it worldwide, flashing the sign in the name of the Crew. If you still don’t know how to do it right, just watch our handy slideshow – it’ll teach you how to flip the dry eye y-eye for real.


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