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We Own TV

The filmmakers from the ‘Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars’ documentary are embarking on a community-based video project with young fillmmakers in Sierra Leone.

“WeOwnTV”, which roughly translates from Sierra Leone Krio as “Our Own TV”, is a collaborative media project that promotes self-expression as a way to explore our shared humanity and bridge cultural divides. WeOwnTV uses a community-engaged curriculum that teaches filmmaking techniques to a group of young Sierra Leonean ex-combatants and survivors of their country’s civil war. WeOwnTV will provide the technical support, encouragement and training that will allow these young adults to creatively produce their own media and share their experiences and ideas with the world.

Having survived a horrific civil war in which over half of the country’s population was displaced, Sierra Leone has recently achieved a second peaceful election and is looking optimistically towards the future. Following this ongoing post-war success, the international community is looking to Sierra Leone to live up to its reputation as a humanitarian relief success story. As the international support withdraws, it is crucial that Sierra Leone has the tools in place to support this new democracy. WeOwnTV believes that a strong independent media is a crucial part of this picture.